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Recent Updates:

Wednesday 3/18 - First up is some retro orgy goodness in Swinging Slick (1970s USA), featuring a flock of libertines who douse their group-sex proceedings in slippery warm oil. If you enjoy fine females, their skin glistening with silky lube, getting fucked every-which-way... well, this one should fit the bill.

Then we head across the Atlantic for Pantilicious Lee (1960s UK), in which the bountiful Lee Germaine flounces around her living room topless & then fully nude. Buxom & breasty in black & white.

Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica - update 3-18

Wednesday 3/11 – This update kicks off with Double Quickie (1970s USA) - a pair of horny couples get their intercourse on in accelerated fashion, and seem to prove the claim that speedy sex can be damn good sex if the rhythm is right!

Then we've got the classic XXX reel Oversexed Secretary (1970s USA), in which a lawyer litigates some menage a trois with his secretary & a divorcee client. Brunette & dirty blonde, double blowjob, reverse cowgirl & doggystyle on the sofa, not a bad afternoon's work...

Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica - update 3-11

Wednesday 3/4 – We start with Ride Her, Cowboy (late 1970s USA), a Texas-style sexual rendezvous in a Dallas hotel room. Cowboy hat, pantsless chaps, horny blond with Texas twang and 'tang, and a bit of anal sex - saddle up, hombre!

Then in The Egyptian Princess, Part II (1970s USA) we watch the lovely Annette Haven as ancient royalty being pleasured by (and pleasuring in turn) one of her dark-skinned ladies-in-waiting. A sensual lesbian liaison on the Nile...

Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica - update 3-4

Other Tidbits:

Delta of Venus has gotten many positive write-ups at the various adult review sites – here are a few excerpts below:

Honest Porn Reviews: “DeltaOfVenus is just endlessly fascinating.” “The vintage footage is beautifully displayed, the sex is incredibly hot, and so real, which is the winning factor. Each tour promise held true and the count for material from this site makes the low membership fee more than worthy as you trek through the temptation of yester-year, done with extremely high quality.”

Jane's Guide: I thoroughly enjoyed this place, and was sometimes shocked by how absolutely depraved early erotica could be (and I mean that in the best of ways). Excellent resource for retro erotica! Highly recommended! “I don’t think I need to wander any further than Delta of Venus for my vintage porn – it’s an excellent site available at a bargain price.”

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