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Monday 10/27 - First on the menu we've got a vintage XXX reel with some Asian flair in China Silk (1970s USA) - John Holmes and Suzy Chung (one of our favorite retro Asian pornstars) wake up in bed together and have a morning fuck before starting their day. Also we're treated to Parisian cutie Chantal (1970s France) stripping out of her underwear and displaying every inch of her body, primarily focusing on her glorious dark bush. If you enjoy extended views of a French girl's gyrating hairy pussy, can't go wrong with this one...

Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica - update 10-27

Tuesday 10/21 – This week's update starts with some retro Scandinavian erotica in Swedish Delight (1970s Sweden) - a sensual and romantic sex reel featuring a petite Nordic redhead and her lover. Then we had back a few more decades for the classic nudie reel An Exciting Cutie (1940s USA) - curvy brunette spends an evening naked at home, showing off her beautifully voluptuous corn-fed body that brings to mind the old saying... They don't make em like they used to!

Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica - update 10-21

Monday 10/13 – We begin with some rural randiness in Farmhouse Frolick (1970s USA) - three horny farmer's daughters accost their hillbilly neighbor and re-enact what they've learned by watching the stallions & mares, plus a little extra from their own imaginations. Then it's a hot & bothered fraulein-of-a-certain-age in Cougar In Heat (1970s Germany), all alone but for a double dildo and a bottle of champagne, working herself into a sexual frenzy.

Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica - update 10-13

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