Elevated X, Inc. cms Demo http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/ Elevated X, Inc. cms Demo en-us 10/20/2018 - Four By The Fire http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=1003&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Denmark</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Two juicy Danish lasses enjoy a fireside vibrator session, then the twosome becomes a foursome as their boyfriends arrive.</p> contentgroup_1003 10/17/2018 - CC's Dream http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=1002&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Chris Cassidy sits down with an adult periodical and fantasizes about an interracial MMF threesome, then lo & behold it manifests! I love Chris, as a performer she always seems to be enjoying herself. She later went on to direct lesbian-oriented erotica (which was her private preference) in the 1980s.</p> contentgroup_1002 10/03/2018 - Carmencita http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=1001&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Another cheerfully bawdy mid-70s German loop typical of the genre, featuring an ostensibly Spanish beauty in a MMF threesome.</p> contentgroup_1001 09/29/2018 - No Morals http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=1000&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A typically lighthearted German sex romp, this one from a 300' reel so clocking in at nearly 20 minutes! Pretty much covers all the bases, including a sexy maid fraulein, male inflatable doll, and anal sex on a bearskin rug.</p> contentgroup_1000 09/15/2018 - Soldier's Maid http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=998&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A pair of soldiers - Civil War, Napoleanic, anyone? - are served stiff drinks to celebrate their great victory. Since the person serving the drinks is the great Connie Peterson, things quickly move on to a nice little MMF threesome.</p> contentgroup_998 08/30/2018 - Club Holmes http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=996&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> John Holmes, private pool room, exotic dancer, and a pornographic actress. Plot optional.</p> contentgroup_996 08/14/2018 - Velvet Lust http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=995&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A voluptuous blonde (well, not everywhere) in white lingerie & stockings gets busy in style, on one of those gold velvet couches they produced in the millions during the early 1970s.</p> contentgroup_995 07/28/2018 - Straight To Video http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=994&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> I like the juxtaposition in this loop. It depicts the early days of adult movies on videotape - LONG LIVE BETAMAX - but was itself shot on film. Shortly afterward the adult industry would change forever (some would say not for the better).</p> <p>The reel itself is pretty good too. Beautiful girl, and one of the rare interracial loops that doesn't specifically advertise itself as such.</p> contentgroup_994 07/17/2018 - Sex-o-Phone http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=993&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> There are some phones and some sex, then some more sex, and wait... another phone. It's not exactly clear what's going on here.</p> contentgroup_993 07/07/2018 - China Girl http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=992&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Linda Wong & Joey Silvera get it on in this Bay Area reel from the mid-1970s, Linda looking fine as ever!</p> contentgroup_992 06/30/2018 - Seka Solo http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=991&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> This solo scene is from a demo/casting series of reels featuring Seka at the beginning of her adult career, from 1977 or '78.</p> contentgroup_991 06/20/2018 - Garden of Desire http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=990&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> An idyllic day on the lake becomes an idyllic fuck by the waterfall in this loop featuring the scintillating Desiree Cousteau.</p> contentgroup_990 06/09/2018 - Georgina's Debut http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=989&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> This is supposedly one of the first reels to feature Georgina Spelvin, who later would go on to fame & name recognition in many American households for her starring role The Devil In Miss Jones, among other movies. Here she & a partner explore the erotic potential of a kitchen counter.</p> contentgroup_989 05/30/2018 - Room Service http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=988&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Denmark</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Copenhagen, early 1970s. Two sexede piger call up the bellboy for tea, but have ulterior motives - a FFM threesome is the result. Pretty typical of 70s Scandinavian erotica reels, which had quite a few beautiful lasses like these as regulars from film to film.</p> contentgroup_988 05/02/2018 - Virginia Bell, Part I http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=987&type=highres& <p>The female bosom has a largely timeless appeal, but its peak in the world of 20th century pin-ups was probably the 1950s. And this trend is probably embodied best in Virginia Bell.</p> <p>Born in southern California as Virginia Beck (1934), she was a steady feature on both the burlesque circuit & in men's magazine pictorals by the middle of the 50s.</p> <p>Her most obvious appeal was a pair of immense breasts that seemed to defy gravity for their size, combined with a compact (she was 5'2”) & curvy frame - but in a way that sells her short. Like most of the greatest pin-up models, she had a natural ease in front of the camera and the ability to convey personality in 2D – in this case, a fun-loving and wholesome Every Girl who made it seem posing nude was just about the most natural pastime in the world. In numerous magazines she served as the counterpoint to the come-hither bedroom eyes & overwrought sultriness of other models.</p> <p>Here are some images spanning the mid 1950s through early 1960s, the first in a series of galleries featuring Virginia. Enjoy!</p> contentgroup_987 04/26/2018 - Mr. Catatonic http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=982&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> This fellow's been in a coma for quite some time, but two young ladies understand exactly what kind of stimulation might wake him up...</p> contentgroup_982 04/13/2018 - Leslie & Cream http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=981&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Voluptuous adult star Leslie Bovee always brings a certain ja ne sais quoi sort of energy to her performances, and this interracial XXX vignette is no exception.</p> contentgroup_981 04/06/2018 - Triple Star http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=985&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> An all-star 1970s threesome featuring Seka, Desiree Cousteau, and John Holmes.</p> contentgroup_985 03/30/2018 - Double Their Pleasure http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=977&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Just a simple cute girl-girl reed featuring two nubile frauleins playing around with each other using the methods at their disposal - fingers, tongues, a handy strap-on, etc.</p> contentgroup_977 03/23/2018 - A Study In Contrast http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=984&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s German</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Curvy platinum-haired German fraulein sets her pale complexion against an African lover's chocolate skin.</p> contentgroup_984 03/09/2018 - Hot Cock Sundae http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=980&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> John Holmes gets a couple different items slathered on his cock - whipped cream & tongues - courtesy of two naughty minxes.</p> contentgroup_980 03/02/2018 - Der Mosenkiller http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=976&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> The "Pussy-Killer" has thus far successfully evaded capture, continuing his fucking spree throughout Germany! But all it takes is one brave citizen to make a phone call...</p> contentgroup_976 02/23/2018 - Ebony Lust http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=978&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Simple & sweet sex reel featuring a black couple.</p> contentgroup_978 02/16/2018 - Pastel Passions http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=983&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Seka & a friend enjoy some girl-girl pleasure, then incorporate an anonymous dick into the proceedings.</p> contentgroup_983 02/09/2018 - Tala http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=986&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1960s France</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A lovely & curvaceous girl of Eastern origins, and in stockings & garter & a jaunty hat, strips for the camera.</p> contentgroup_986 02/09/2018 - Geld Raus Fur De Fickmaus http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=979&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> This film introduces us to the term Fickmaus, i.e. "Fuck Mouse", which I assume has more or less the same meaning as the English "Fuck Bunny". Whatever the case the fraulein here is curvy & enthusiastic, not a bad reel at all. </p> contentgroup_979 02/03/2018 - Asian Liaison http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=975&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A weary traveler stumbles upon a sultry Asian lass, who invites him in for an evening of Eastern sensuality.</p> contentgroup_975 01/30/2018 - On A Boat http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=974&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A sailboat on the bay and a FFM threesome - just two of the finer things in life! The brunette here is Desiree Cousteau, although at first glance she's hard to recognize due to the longer haircut.</p> contentgroup_974 01/26/2018 - Sally Dixon http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=973&type=highres& <p>Sally Dixon was a British model popular in the UK glamour nudes magazines of the 1960s. Primarily active from 1968-1970.</p> <p>I've tried to include a representative cross-section of her stuff here - including some really well-done "figure photography", some stuff of lesser quality for the more fly-by-night pulpy magazines, and a few excerpts from pictorials featuring some common text from those pieces. As you can see, her photos conform pretty close the standards of the genre - mostly topless, a few full-frontal shots featuring her shaved nethers, competent lighting, all fairly appropriate for your average behind-the-counter UK girlie mags of the era.</p> <p>According to various captions (usually altered to fit the viewers' fantasy and/or interests, of course) Sally was once married, then divorced, is afraid of cats, wants to be a pearl diver, and is well-read with an interest in Shakespeare & classical writing. Meanwhile the visual appeal is self-evident...</p> contentgroup_973 01/23/2018 - Ficksextett Im Himmelbett http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=972&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> In the all-girl's dormitory at der Universität, a dour German matron keeps watch over the nubile geile frauleins. They're resourceful however and manage to smuggle men in via footlocker, a lighthearted orgy ensues. But will they be discovered by said matron??? Tune in to find out...</p> contentgroup_972