Elevated X, Inc. cms Demo http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/ Elevated X, Inc. cms Demo en-us 04/13/2018 - Leslie & Cream http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=981&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Voluptuous adult star Leslie Bovee always brings a certain ja ne sais quoi sort of energy to her performances, and this interracial XXX vignette is no exception.</p> contentgroup_981 04/06/2018 - Triple Star http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=985&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> An all-star 1970s threesome featuring Seka, Desiree Cousteau, and John Holmes.</p> contentgroup_985 03/30/2018 - Double Their Pleasure http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=977&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Just a simple cute girl-girl reed featuring two nubile frauleins playing around with each other using the methods at their disposal - fingers, tongues, a handy strap-on, etc.</p> contentgroup_977 03/23/2018 - A Study In Contrast http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=984&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s German</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Curvy platinum-haired German fraulein sets her pale complexion against an African lover's chocolate skin.</p> contentgroup_984 03/09/2018 - Hot Cock Sundae http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=980&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> John Holmes gets a couple different items slathered on his cock - whipped cream & tongues - courtesy of two naughty minxes.</p> contentgroup_980 03/02/2018 - Der Mosenkiller http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=976&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> The "Pussy-Killer" has thus far successfully evaded capture, continuing his fucking spree throughout Germany! But all it takes is one brave citizen to make a phone call...</p> contentgroup_976 02/23/2018 - Ebony Lust http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=978&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Simple & sweet sex reel featuring a black couple.</p> contentgroup_978 02/16/2018 - Pastel Passions http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=983&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Seka & a friend enjoy some girl-girl pleasure, then incorporate an anonymous dick into the proceedings.</p> contentgroup_983 02/09/2018 - Tala http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=986&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1960s France</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A lovely & curvaceous girl of Eastern origins, and in stockings & garter & a jaunty hat, strips for the camera.</p> contentgroup_986 02/09/2018 - Geld Raus Fur De Fickmaus http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=979&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> This film introduces us to the term Fickmaus, i.e. "Fuck Mouse", which I assume has more or less the same meaning as the English "Fuck Bunny". Whatever the case the fraulein here is curvy & enthusiastic, not a bad reel at all. </p> contentgroup_979 02/03/2018 - Asian Liaison http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=975&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A weary traveler stumbles upon a sultry Asian lass, who invites him in for an evening of Eastern sensuality.</p> contentgroup_975 01/30/2018 - On A Boat http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=974&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A sailboat on the bay and a FFM threesome - just two of the finer things in life! The brunette here is Desiree Cousteau, although at first glance she's hard to recognize due to the longer haircut.</p> contentgroup_974 01/26/2018 - Sally Dixon http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=973&type=highres& <p>Sally Dixon was a British model popular in the UK glamour nudes magazines of the 1960s. Primarily active from 1968-1970.</p> <p>I've tried to include a representative cross-section of her stuff here - including some really well-done "figure photography", some stuff of lesser quality for the more fly-by-night pulpy magazines, and a few excerpts from pictorials featuring some common text from those pieces. As you can see, her photos conform pretty close the standards of the genre - mostly topless, a few full-frontal shots featuring her shaved nethers, competent lighting, all fairly appropriate for your average behind-the-counter UK girlie mags of the era.</p> <p>According to various captions (usually altered to fit the viewers' fantasy and/or interests, of course) Sally was once married, then divorced, is afraid of cats, wants to be a pearl diver, and is well-read with an interest in Shakespeare & classical writing. Meanwhile the visual appeal is self-evident...</p> contentgroup_973 01/23/2018 - Ficksextett Im Himmelbett http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=972&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> In the all-girl's dormitory at der Universität, a dour German matron keeps watch over the nubile geile frauleins. They're resourceful however and manage to smuggle men in via footlocker, a lighthearted orgy ensues. But will they be discovered by said matron??? Tune in to find out...</p> contentgroup_972 01/20/2018 - Casanova and the Lady http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=971&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> John Holmes plays the legendary Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, here depicted in a cocaine-fueled 18th century quickie with a lady-of-means.</p> contentgroup_971 01/16/2018 - Sapphic Trio http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=970&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s German</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Music listening session gets a little frisky with the introduction of a banana, then becomes a full-on girl-girl-girl menage a trois when the third lass arrives with her bag of toys.</p> contentgroup_970 01/10/2018 - Naked In The Park http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=969&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Jamie Gillis, Sharon Mitchell, and Susan McBain play around on a set adorned with houseplants. The film here is overexposed (probably a few too many copies from the original), but the ladies especially work in some great doggystyle & anal sex. Pour les connaisseurs du derriere</p> contentgroup_969 01/05/2018 - Sweet Candy http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=968&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Candy Samples was one of the most popular women-of-a-certain-age of the 1970s, due both to her statuesque figure and dominant take-charge sexual performances. Here she has her way with a male partner, to both their benefits.</p> contentgroup_968 12/28/2017 - Parisian Au Pairs http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=967&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Two mademoiselles take up employment with an older couple in Berlin, as you might imagine there are fringe benefits for all parties involved. This reel had some water damage - hence the black spots - but we thought it was otherwise decent enough to include in the collection. Enjoy!</p> contentgroup_967 12/21/2017 - More Mei http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=966&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Yet another reel with Asian goddess Mei Ling, this time pleasuring herself until a peeping tom emerges from a closet to join her.</p> contentgroup_966 12/12/2017 - Soaking With Seka http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=965&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Going with a heat-themed reel here in cold mid-December, Seka and her boyfriend screw in and out of a bubbling jacuzzi. Steamy!</p> contentgroup_965 12/01/2017 - Mei Ling http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=964&type=highres& <p>This set's a medley of Mei Ling's photoshoots - we didn't have enough to split nudes & XXX into their own galleries, thus this mix.</p> <p>If you think she's as beautiful as we do, check out her bio page (https://www.deltaofvenus.com/sets.php?id=3) - the film <a href="https://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=13&type=vids&">Oriental Massage</a> is a particular favorite. Enjoy!</p> contentgroup_964 11/24/2017 - Stieffeprufung http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=963&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> A bunch of horny frauleins get naked for their final exam, XXX hijinks ensue. Another entry into the genre of lighthearted slapstick German porn from the mid-late 1970s - what they maybe lack in raw sexual energy they make up for in playfulness.</p> contentgroup_963 11/15/2017 - Saturday Nite Fevah http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=962&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Seka & her husband return early from a night out to discover the babysitter grinding her nethers against a poster of John Travolta - as good an opening as any for a blonde-oriented FFM!</p> contentgroup_962 11/10/2017 - Black Entry http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=961&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> An interracial couple gets down to business, featuring a blowjob, straight sex, then a bit of anal, a smorgasbord of delights.</p> contentgroup_961 10/30/2017 - Office Hours http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=960&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> The plot here is pretty tenuous - curly brunette co-ed dials up her pornstached professor to discuss the latest Foucault reading, but they move on from that nonsense quickly. She seems to be an enthusiastic participant, plus shaves her nethers, both decent reasons to watch...</p> contentgroup_960 10/23/2017 - Anita's Picnic http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=959&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s Germany</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Petite actress Anita Berglund enjoys an afternoon in the German countryside with her boyfriend, sex on a checkered blanket results.</p> contentgroup_959 10/13/2017 - Johnny & Marlene http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=958&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> John Holmes gets it on with a voluptuous & vocal girlfriend in sunny SoCal.</p> contentgroup_958 10/10/2017 - Sultry http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=957&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> This one's from the end of the decade, featuring a dark & luscious brunette clad in a headband and not much else. Simple yet effective!</p> contentgroup_957 09/29/2017 - Sexual Healing http://www.deltaofvenus.com/members/gallery.php?id=956&type=vids& <p><b>Date & Origin:</b> 1970s USA</p> <p><b>Description:</b> He's convalescing from a broken arm, luscious lady friend prescribes a classic treatment - wake-up blowjob followed by a nice wholesome healing fuck. Get those painkilling endorphins flowing!</p> contentgroup_956